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Established over 5 years, angelgroups is a fast-growing network of business angels looking to invest in, and support, exciting SME growth opportunities. We have groups across the North of England and run monthly pitching events where businesses at varying stages and sectors pitch for funding and support. The groups provide a network of angel peers who can discuss and share opportunities via the monthly pitching sessions, the online platform and/or attend our regular Angel Educational Sessions. Supporting, training, funding and investing smart money in SME businesses through a national Angel network. 

F O R   T H E   B U S I N E S S : 
Angelgroups works closely with businesses to help them achieve their growth plans, through the funding and support of our angel groups. We work with a range of businesses at all stages and sectors who are looking for funding in excess of £100,000. Our angels come from a variety of business backgrounds and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience. Angel investment plays a big part in the funding landscape and can be secured as part of a blended approach or as a stand-alone solution. Our angels are always looking for exciting opportunities with high growth potential to invest both time and money to help succeed. REGISTER HERE
F O R   T H E   A N G E L : 

Angelgroups is a network of angels based predominantey in the North who meet at regular pitching sessions. We provide our angel members investment and mentoring opportunities in high growth businesses. These businesses welcome an angel’s experience and mentoring capability, so in many cases it is not just the potential financial reward that attracts an angel to invest, but it is the incentive to lend their expertise and knowledge. At our sessions, members also have the opportunity to network with other like-minded angels with an opportunity to share deals if they prefer. For further details and how to become a member click here

A   B I T   A B O U T   O U R   F O U N D E R :

MA Prof 2

Martin has over 30 years experience in creating and funding growth. Naturally, he has a passion for angel investment, however his knowledge covers various funding options including innovation grant funding schemes (such as Innovate UK and Horizon 2020), R&D Tax Credits as well as a range of other funding alternatives. Martin’s particular focus however is helping the business to become investor ready and to ensure they understand the process they are just about to enter into. “I see too many businesses who have not achieved investment but have a great proposition – the problem is that they just aren’t able to communicate this in a way that the investor needs to see. As I say, entrepreneurs speak French and investors speak German and my job is to help you translate”.

To Martin angel investment is about providing smart money, that is to say people who not only invest money but time and expertise into a business.  As well as raising £m’s in equity, grant and debt funding Martin coauthored several of the UK Business Angel Associations due-diligence guideline documents, wrote his masters dissertation on investor readiness and is the founder of angelgroups. This last point being crucial, as like the businesses he supports, he owns and runs a high growth business.

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