T H E   F R A N C H I S E   O V E R V I E W

angelgroups is in the process of establishing a national network of connected angel groups, each run by a dedicated franchisee. A shared technology platform, shared processes, pricing, ethos and a range of support services to drive additional revenues for the franchisee, will make this one of the most exciting franchise opportunities in the UK – for the right person. 

We say the right person because to us it is all about the people, a shared ethos, a certain way of doing things that puts the customer at the center of everything that we do. This isn’t a job offer, but a superb opportunity for an individual or small business to take on a franchise for a defined area and be the masters of their own destiny. Each franchisee will be expected to open, run and manage at least two angel groups within their defined territory, with the active support of the angelgroups team.

 S K I L L S   R E Q U I R E D

So you think this may be of interest? If so, we would ask you to consider the following points and honestly compare them to your own skills. It is crucial for you and us that we build the franchisee team with like-minded people, with a shared set of skills and values and for this reason we take our time in choosing our franchisees, as they should with us. To be a successful franchisee you will need a range of skills and abilities, including but not limited to:

  • An ability to work with and support SME businesses
  • An ability to converse with High-Net-Worth individuals
  • An ability to help shape an appropriate pitch
  • Run monthly pitching sessions
  • To work with professional partners
  • The ability to review a business plan
  • It would also be useful if the franchisee had an understanding of R&D Tax Credits and the innovation grant funding landscape
  • Knowledge of angel investment would be useful although this will be provided
  • Again an understanding of SEIS and EIS would be useful – although this can be learnt
  • Great connections across the designated territory with the high-growth fraternity – this is crucial
  • An ability to find SME businesses in need of investment and support
  • Great networking skills

If you are reading this and don’t understand some of the more technical language then this isn’t for you, honestly. You will know if this is right for you and so will we. You don’t need to be an accountant (although an understanding of spreadsheets will help) but you do need to understand the funding landscape and must be well connected across the high-growth fraternity across your designated territory – this is a professional sales role.

S T I L L   I N T E R E S T E D


You will spend your time prospecting and supporting high-growth businesses, whilst running a couple of pitching sessions per month. Its fast, fun and hard work! You never stop learning, meeting great businesses with fantastic ideas and a host of high-net worth individuals, making you one of the most connected people in your region. 

This isn’t easy, but then again the rewards are significant in both personal and financial terms, so you wouldn’t expect it to be.

W H A T   H A P P E N S   N E X T

We should get to know one-another. Lets meet up and have a coffee and get to understand you, your passion for the high-growth fraternity and how you can make a difference. Come and join one of our pitching sessions, meet investors, the SME businesses and other franchisees. angelgroups only intends to have around 30 franchisees, so we take the recruitment process seriously – this is for the benefit of us all.

So, if the thought of supporting businesses, angel investors, making a significant contribution to the high-growth fraternity in your region and earning a significant income excites you, then we would love to hear from you. 

The next step is up to you. 

Please email Martin at

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