Yesterday’s ‘Ask the Investor’ event was fantastic!

A big thank you to our panel of investors who gave up their time to answer some of the great questions that were asked by the Founders in the audience. Some of these questions included:

– What is your motivation behind investing?
– Are you only looking to invest in the next big Unicorn, or do you also invest in businesses who don’t claim to achieve this growth trajectory?
– What do you look for in an investable proposition?
– Does a business need to have SEIS/EIS for you to consider them?
– What are your thoughts on AI?
– What are your views on valuing a business?
– Are you happy to see VC involvement?
– What involvement do you like to have in the business?
– What stage of the business’s development do you prefer to invest at i.e. pre-revenue etc?

The Investors delivered some really insightful answers that gave the Founders a better understanding of their investment do’s and don’ts! We’re looking forward to running more events like this in the future.