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A national network of angels focused on investment and mentoring opportunities

Each pitching session lends an opportunity for members to share their own invaluable knowledge and experience, which continues to increase the value in the peer network and build strong consortiums making their own investment decisions.

The majority of the businesses who pitch at our events are eligible for the SEIS/EIS tax incentives, and this will be made clear both in the pitch and on the online member hub, allowing members to browse with this in mind.

Occasionally we get a business come to us who are not quite ready for funding but are looking for help and support from an angel. In these cases, there will be opportunities to take on a NED position and make a considerable contribution to the success of a business through lending your time and experience.

We also pride ourselves in keeping our members up to date with the latest industry news and legislation, by providing access to training and updates from our professional partners.

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What does angelgroups membership include?

  • Access to a range of exclusive investment opportunities
  • Attend any of our online or physical pitching sessions
  • Opportunity to invest on your own or as part of a syndicate
  • Negotiate your own deals
  • Access to our online member hub where you can view all investment opportunities
  • Support through a range of professional partners
  • Be part of an exclusive peer network
  • Connect to the peer network through the member hub
  • Access to the latest angel research
  • Receive introduction fees

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Supporting, training, funding, and investing smart money in SME businesses.

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