For The Individual Angel

Membership* allows the individual angel to consider investment and mentoring opportunities via the platform, or by attending the monthly business pitching sessions. These meetings also provide an excellent opportunity to network with other angels. The businesses are local to each group and come from various industry sectors.

*To be a member you must be a sophisticated or high-net-worth investor as defined by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotions) Order 2005

This is a totally unique service for established Angel groups and their individual members. As an individual you can become a member (depending on acceptance criteria) of one or several groups for a small annual subscription fee – this is the only cost you will pay. You will be expected to sign-up and adhere to a members code-of-conduct.

Membership of a group will allow you:

Access to a range of exclusive opportunities

Decide on who you want to pitch

Organise and manage your own investments

Your own personalised dashboard – showing opportunities that meet the investment profile

To attend investment training sessions – run by our partners

To join colleagues in a confidential online chat room to review the opportunities and ask the businesses questions – business validation from people you know and trust

To attend the pitching sessions

To network with like minded business people in your area

Access to a range of standardised deal flow documentation to make your investment process as easy and affordable as possible

An early view on our incubator businesses, who expect to be looking for investment soon – get in early!

Angel Groups Sponsors

  • Financial Pulse
  • Clarion
  • Smailes Goldie
  • Forrester Boyd
  • Wosskow Brown
  • Wilkin Chapman LLP
  • Langleys Solicitors LLP
  • BDO
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Duncan & Toplis