Deal complete! A huge congratulations to Walksafe in securing their funding and support. We are thrilled to have supported this fantastic business and wish Andrew and the team every success.

WalkSafe is a new mobile phone app that helps people to take back control of their personal security. It works as a digital companion that constantly scans the road ahead using police data and reports from the WalkSafe community, alerting you if you walk within 200 yards of recent incidents such as assault, mugging and knife crime. This allows you to take another street and take a safer route. WalkSafe keeps you alert to dangers, keeps you safer and keeps you away from crime hot spots.

Angelgroups Martin Avison said, “It really is wonderful to be able to fund and support this business with active angel support, however the best thing is that this solution is really needed, and we will be a better and safer world with it. On behalf of vulnerable people everywhere, thank you for bringing this to the world”.

Andrew Kay founder WalkSafe said, “We are delighted there has been so much support for Walksafe from this leading group of Angels. Angelgroups have been so professional in organising the meetings and diligence. This successful raise has again confirmed why they are regarded as one of the premier Angel groups in the UK for start-up companies”.

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