We are delighted to announce that we have just funded AVGO Biotech Ltd!

This really is a perfect example of angel investment. Take a great founder with a super business opportunity, add in some angel experience and strategy refinement and we have a great result.

Through a revolutionary process, developed with Nottingham Trent University, Avgo convert eggshell waste into valuable Pharmaceutical products. They reduce the egg industries costs and environmental impact of landfilling 1,000’s of tones of waste, while improving the Pharmaceutical industries carbon footprint and corporate social governance.

Andrew Stacey, CEO and Founder said, “angelgroups have contact with a wide range of potential investors, with very disperse and varied backgrounds and experience. This makes finding investors who aligned with the companies needs and interests straightforward.
Avgo found this very useful, providing thorough questioning from sales, financial and technical angels during due-diligence from interested parties and ultimate investors.
We were also able to work with a number of keen and supportive Angels who coached the company between due diligence sessions and ultimately became investors and NEDs for the company”

We wish all involved the very best in what we are sure will be a successful business.