We are delighted that Sentry SL Ltd have secured their investment along with two excellent angels who will support the team on their journey. A huge congratulations to Steve Roberts and his team, it was a pleasure working with them.

Sentry SL Ltd have developed a technology solution that a) prevents the subsequent use of stolen equipment, and b) by using in-built tracking technology enables the effective tracking of stolen equipment which significantly increases the chance of recovery. When combined, these provide a significant anti-theft deterrent. Although other anti-theft devices already exist, Sentry SL Ltd have developed a solution that can be provided at a much lower price point that significantly widens the target market for its application.

Sentry SL Ltd technology can be sold retrospectively and fitted to individual pieces of equipment post sale, and in bulk to larger equipment manufacturers enabling them to become an OEM.

Longer term the technology can be readily applied to a wide variety of other sectors affected by the risks of theft.

Angelgroups Martin Avison said, “Seldom does a business opportunity cross our desk with such a clear and easy to understand value proposition. Sentry SL Ltd manufacture a tracker and immobiliser technology for small to medium size capital equipment, mainly in the construction sector. Not only are we delighted to have funded the business, but we have also provided them with two excellent angels to support the team on their journey”.

Stephen Roberts, Founder said, “Having approached other investment groups with no success we are so please that we used angelgroups. Their help to steer us through the process was superb and resulted in our joint success. My thanks to Martin and the team for all the support in making the deal happen”. 

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