Even though as a company we live within the funding world we still get overwhelmed by the “Financial Jargon” and the complexity of it all, so we are never surprised when businesses approach us with this concern. 

What we strive to do is to help you make sense of what is available to you as a business, because each company’s funding journey will be different and needs to be treated as such. We don’t just specialise in Angel Investment, but can provide access to a range of growth funding including Innovation and R&D Grant Funding. 

Over the next few months we will be running pitching sessions most weeks at our Angel Groups, which cover the Leeds, Humber, Barnsley, Grimsby, York, Lincoln and Sheffield City Regions. It’s important to know that most Angel Investment comes hand in hand with support and mentoring, which is why the businesses we have worked with lean towards this route of funding. 

If you’re ready to begin your funding journey or are wanting to see what options are open to you, just get in touch

We hope to hear from you soon.