Deal complete!

We were delighted to have supported the funding round for Occuity and look forward to seeing the growth in such an exciting business. We think the business has great potential to deliver early stage, non-intrusive diagnosis for people suffering from a range of serious medical conditions. We wish all concerned the very best for the future

Occuity are developing a novel, non-contacting technology to change the way some of the world’s major chronic conditions are diagnosed and managed. Led by an experienced management team of industry experts with a track record of successful medical and technology exits, Occuity are using their patented technology to develop a range of handheld optical devices for both professional and personal use. Through a simple scan of the eye, the technology has the potential to not only be used in devices to accurately detect changes that directly affect the eye, but also provide critical information about a persons’ general health by identifying markers associated with chronic, life-changing health conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Dan Daly, Founder & CEO at Occuity, commented on the investment, “Our funding round has gone very well indeed with Occuity raising more investment, more quickly than we anticipated. This is in no small part due to angelgroups whose very well managed process has enabled us to efficiently raise funds from their network of business angels.”

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