We recently received some feedback from a business following their conversation with our founder Martin Avison last year. She kindly shared her experience:

“I met Martin about a year ago when pitching for investment at a different group’s event. Following the event Martin made contact and we met and had a great meeting where he gave me some really clear advice following my pitch.

His words stay with me now about how I had an investable business but that the foundations needed work. I was forming the business to franchise and Martin said to me that I needed to be logical about the speed of growth I had planned, as if I grew my franchisees too rapidly and one had a problem, they would all have a problem. Along with several other key points I sat and reflected our conversation.

Over the following weeks I must have done 15 different financial plans at different growth rates, but Martin’s advice stood out in my mind and I then realised that all options hadn’t been covered. I worked on an in-house model with employees for the business and not only was it easier to manage its growth rate and profit were much higher.

I realised that my passion and ambition was right but I needed to make some serious changes in the foundations and reviewed all angles of the business. I brought in a team, outsourced the key elements for growth and rather than looking at the model as possibly outcomes, I worked with the team to create all with strategy and fact.

Martin’s suggestions made some very key changes in my investment plan and now I am in a position of being investment ready with the right foundations, team and strategy for growth.”

We are delighted to say that this founder will be pitching with us at our upcoming events and we are really looking forward to supporting her and her team through the funding journey.