“In the UK only 1 in 3 entrepreneurs are female. Their businesses are only 44% of the size of male led businesses in terms of their contribution to the economy, and they receive less than 1% of venture capital.”

At this year’s Future Forward event as part of the UK Business Angels Investment Summit we heard from Alison Rose, CEO Natwest Group, who provided some statistics from The Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship report

She outlined the key areas of focus which emerged from their review, these are:

  • Increase funding towards female entrepreneurs
  • Provide greater family care support
  • Make entrepreneurship more accessible for women by increasing support locally through relatable and accessible mentors and networks

Since the report findings the Investing in Women Code has been introduced, which is a commitment to support female entrepreneurship in the UK. Improving access to advice, resources and finance needed to run a business, of which there are now 66 signatories – we are proud to be one of those signatures.

We hope to see the statistics change in the years to come.

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