During the pandemic we have heard from several founders looking to provide solutions into the Corporate wellbeing space, but none with such strategic focus and comprehensive solution. A great team, great solution and a fantastic opportunity.

Whitecalm, The Wellbeing Company provides a holistic, single-source digital approach to overall wellbeing with a focus on mental health, in a currently fragmented marketplace. They provide integration between health services, private medical and preventative wellbeing services to primarily deliver to the needs of our corporate clients and all their employees.

Their vision is to be the best provider of holistic affordable and appealing wellbeing and mental health services and experiences and to become the corporate partner of choice for those that wish to improve their wellbeing.

Rebecca Tucker, Founder & CEO at Whitecalm, commented on the investment, “I am very happy to have worked with angelgroups to raise my funds. The team have been professional every step of the way and have helped me secure a significant amount of money to move Whitecalm forward successfully. I am also fortunate to have an amazing team of investors who have backed me and are bringing new opportunities to Whitecalm to help us grow!”