We are absolutely delighted to have been a small part in Lightsong’s journey. They are a truly inspiring business that has already made significant traction and with such a high-quality team we feel sure that they are destined to be market leaders within their sector.

Lightsong is a unique music creation, publishing and sales platform that serves music creators by providing economic opportunity and route to market enabling them to monetise their talent increasing supply chain efficiency, revenue and margins. Lightsong’s platform architecture and functionality solves many complexities of the current music industry.

Tolga Kashif, CEO at Lightsong, commented on the investment, “At Lightsong, we feel that success in fundraising means collaborating with a high-quality consulting team who are prepared to ‘go the distance’ and have the integrity, skillsets and focus needed to deliver an effective framework for success.

Martin Avison and his team at angelgroups fit this bill. We found their intuitive approach to working with our Company and in liaising with investors effective, enjoyable and transformative. While providing an insightful excellent service, they also helped highlight wider challenges at a time where the Covid pandemic has brought multiple disruptions to the socio-economic landscape further accelerating technological change.

Time wisely spent with angelgroups both in preparation and in communicating our offering and opportunity to investors proved vital to our  achieving a successful fundraise with which we are delighted. We deeply thank Martin Avison and his team for their professionalism, belief and dedication in helping our Company progress into this next exciting stage of growth.”

A huge well done to the team at Lightsong.