Some great news to start the week…another business funded!

We are thrilled that Co-Space have secured their funding. A huge congratulations to the founders Alistair Thomas and William Stokes, who not only delivered some fantastic pitches, but managed to secure their funding during an extremely uncertain time. 

Co-Space creates engaging, practical co-working spaces in regional towns and cities in the UK.

Co-Space offers a range of flexible office spaces ranging from hot-desking and dedicated desks, spaces for 2+ up to 60+ person dedicated office units, in an inspiring and all-inclusive environment.

Co-Space’s objective is to: “Provide great spaces for people to get on working – and enjoy the space they do it in”

Angelgroups Martin Avison said, “It is hard to imagine a business whose offering could be more timely. Covid 19 has seen a sea change in the way people are working and considering their medium to long term office requirements. Today, everything is still uncertain and what people are looking for is flexibility as to how they work and manage their business and people. Co Space are providing this solution in a very cost-effective way.  It is great to see two fantastic founders, supported by one of our angels provide such a considered solution when business needs it most. We wish them every success.”.

Alistair Thomas, Joint Founder Co-Space, “William and I are extremely grateful to the opportunity given to us by angelgroups to pitch to, and accept investment from genuine and high caliber angel investors. We were given thorough guidance and instructions throughout the process which was well organised and highly enjoyable. All in all, a great way to get in front of real investors”.