It’s been over a year since we moved to online pitch events, and in that time we have run 45 online pitching sessions…. 45!

What have we learnt during all of these events?

  • Online events allowed us to continue. Above everything else they have enabled the angelgroups wheels to keep turning.
  • They keep us connected to our network. Although it will never replace the physical interaction in our eyes, it has allowed us to check in with our members and maintain our relationships.
  • It provided us an opportunity to fast track our plans. Online events were always something we intended to introduce, but we were forced (like many others) to find a solution and find one fast
  • It opened up our angel groups. We are now pleased to say we have welcomed angels from across the UK (and overseas) to our groups.
  • The phrase “you’re on mute” has been said more than any other sentence this past year!

We’re really looking forward to returning to physical events but we will always run the online session for our angels and sme’s further afield.