We recently released some pitching tips from our Angels which we hope you found useful! There’s a few more that we wanted to share with you, here are some extra tips:

  • Define any unique selling point or point of difference 
  • Have clear financials and be able to support them 
  • Explain the business history to date 
  • Decide on what you want the outcome of your pitch to be and focus on delivering that message
  • Ask yourself “If I was an Investor, what would I want to know about the business or offer?”, then be sure to cover this 
  • Be realistic with your deal offer  
  • Spend as much time engaging with your audience as possible 
  • Be prepared for challenging questions. These are not asked to trip you up, but to better understand your business/the deal offer

If you would like to find out more about pitching and how we can help you secure the funding and support you are looking for, then just get in touch.