Zoom recorded that in December 2019 they had a maximum number of daily meeting participants of 10 million, in March 2020 this rose to a staggering 200 million.

Online meetings and events have allowed us all to keep going, whether that be with work or a weekly quiz night (that got old really quick!).

When looking at our events statistics for last year, we ran:

  • 3 online SME educational events
  • 2 online angel educational events
  • 29 online pitching sessions
  • countless online pitch preparations and due-diligence sessions

We have no doubt that our hours of preparing to move to an online solution added tremendously to Zoom’s stats, but it was important to us that not only did we move to an online solution quickly, but that we did it to a high standard.

We look forward to returning to physical events, but we’ll certainly be keeping an online version which has worked really well for our groups.