As part of Leeds Digital Festival here are two great sessions that we’d recommend you attend. They are both hosted by one of our Angel Investors, Phil Fraser;
5 Step Business Strategy Plan – Interactive Session
Wed 23rd Sept 10.00am
A LIVE interactive strategy session enabling attendees to build a FULLY ACTIONABLE bespoke business strategy plan for their own business. Plus live Q&A session.

This LIVE Business strategy planning session with Phil Fraser will be fully interactive. By the end of the session you will have the structure of a FULLY ACTIONABLE bespoke strategy plan for your business.

WARNING this will not be a ‘sit back and listen’ session! Phil will walk you through his FFS (Fraser Five Step) business strategy planning tool, along with a full Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

You’ll leave the session with a fully actionable bespoke business strategy for your business, not just a few notes, cliched quotes or vague notions that you often get from similar webinars.

The session will cover everything from your targets and the way through to measurable deliverables, and everything between…… all in less than an hour.If you are serious about developing your business, this is a ‘must attend’ session.

CLICK HERE to see the recording of the webinar.
Phil Fraser 1
What’s it REALLY like to pitch on Dragons Den
Fri 25th Sept 13.00
Hear from FOUR digital entrepreneurs about their experience in The Den!

  • How do you get on to the show?
  • What’s it like when the lift opens and you are stood there…….?
  • What happens ‘behind the scenes’?
  • What’s it like to successfully get Dragon investment? And what’s it like to be rejected?
  • And what happens after the credits roll?

PLUS you’ll get the opportunity to ask the entrepreneurs your questions in a live Q&A at the end of the webinar.  You’ll be fascinated by their true life tales!

CLICK HERE to see the recording of the webinar.

Phil Fraser 2