Following on from our recent ‘Do’s and Don’t of meeting with an Angel Investor, we have had some more feedback from our Investors that we wanted to share with you. When meeting with an Angel Investor it’s important to:

  • Have a clear business plan that is well thought out
  • Clarify what the current shareholder/loan structure looks like
  • Know your numbers
  • Know the size of the market/opportunity
  • Have collateral – take sample products and supporting material
  • Explain the challenges you face

Make sure you also ask an Investor what they could bring to this relationship and how much time they can commit. If you are looking for support as well as Investment, be sure to let the Investors know what help you need so they know if they can contribute.

If you are looking for funding or interested in finding out more about the funding landscape, then just get in touch. With pitching sessions most weeks there are so many opportunities to secure the funding and support you are looking for.