We find that a lot of the businesses that come to us looking for funding have pitched before. The reason they have been unsuccessful in securing Angel Investment is not because their business isn’t good enough. We find it’s because they haven’t known how best to position themselves to Investors, therefore the Angels didn’t understand the proposition so therefore didn’t invest.

We don’t put a business in to one of  our pitching sessions without first making sure they are Investor ready. Investor readiness is such an important step in the funding journey. After all, you wouldn’t run a race without the correct equipment and training, so you have to be prepared to put in some hard work to have the best possible chance in securing the funding and support you’re looking for. 

When working with a business to make them Investor ready, we cover the following:

  • Language – we always say that business speak French while Angels speak German. We work as an interpreter between the two to help you communicate effectively. 
  • The numbers 
  • The business plan 
  • The company’s current position 
  • The risks 
  • The timing of funding 
  • The most appropriate funding route 
  • Who is your ideal Angel – who would add the most value 
  • The pitch – preparation and delivery  
  • Existing share agreements 
  • Intellectual Property 

If you would like to find out more about Investor readiness and how this could help your business, just get in touch.