In our experience when businesses are looking for funding they have already been exploring various options, but what brings them to decide upon Angel Investment is what we like to call the power of Angels.
What we mean by this, is that this form of investment often comes with a great deal of support. Growing a business can not only be immensely challenging, but also incredibly lonely. This is why a lot of businesses seek active Investors who can not only provide funding and mentoring support but can also act as a sounding board – a sounding board with a vested interest in your business.
We launched our new, York group last week and it was a huge success. We had some fantastic businesses pitching with some great feedback from the Angels. It was the first of many pitching events we will be running in the region. Including our existing four groups we now have pitching events most weeks so there are so many opportunities to pitch for investment and support.
However, unlike other angel sources of funding we don’t just focus on angel investment, but consider all your funding options including R&D tax credits, Innovation Grant Funding and local support programmes. We feel by looking at your funding options you may not have to dilute your shares as much and the investor may not have to take as much risk.

If you are looking for funding then please REGISTER HERE, there is a short questionnaire which gives us a better understanding of your businesses funding challenges. Following this, someone will be in touch to discuss this further.

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