We are delighted to have funded yet another female founder!

TUBR are focused on innovating machine learning technology to make predictions with sparse data sets. Their customers use their Machine Learning as a Service prediction dataset to manage their assets, reduce waste and improve customer experience.

Dash Tabor, Co-Founder/CEO said, “angelgroups is fantastic. I’ve pitched to a number of Angel syndicates and I wish they all operated the way Martin Avison operates this group. The investors are smart, passionate, intelligent and above all want to bring valuable skills to the companies they invest in. The investment that goes into ensuring me, as a Founder, gets funding starts from day 1. The team works with you to get the pitch to a perfect point to meet the audience expectations and then after the pitch they drive engagement with the investors to keep them excited and engage all the way through DD and close. I can not speak highly enough about angelgroups! I’m pleased to be taking away the investment we needed along with a great support team for the business.”

This is a huge market and TUBR have huge potential. We wish Dash and her team every success.