We asked some of our Angels what they are looking for when considering Investment opportunities, here is what they said:

  • A clear exit strategy – remember though, an Investor’s exit strategy doesn’t have to be your exit strategy!
  • Founders who are credible that the Angels can and want to work with. Angels invest in the people behind the business, people who they think can make a business, any business, a success.
  • A return – whilst it might only be a forecast, tell the Angel Investor what you believe to be a realistic return and what the expected timeline to achieve this is.
  • Tax efficient Investments. 80% of Angel Investments in the UK are made under SEIS/EIS, so make sure you know if your business qualifies.
  • A business idea with growth potential, a large target market and the potential to scale easily.

The most common answer from the Angels though (which might surprise you) is that they want to Invest in a business where they can add real value and make a difference. Angels get a great deal of satisfaction from sharing their wisdom, making connections and helping a business succeed in a sector that they are passionate and experienced in.

If you are ready to start your Investment journey, then just GET IN TOUCH. With pitching sessions most weeks there are even more opportunities to secure the funding and support you’re looking for.